Camshaft RACE ONLY 13.0mm Lift

Camshaft RACE ONLY 13.0mm Lift


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Camshaft RACE ONLY 13.0mm Lift


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This #435 race only grind intake cam is as strong as it gets. It falls off some from 5000 to 6800 compared to the #440 11.6mm (as intake cam), but makes it up on the top end, going all the way to 8300 (and beyond). It pulls harder and longer. Total duration: 320 degrees at .011″; 270 degrees at .050″ lift. Base circle diameter 1.030,” Standard 1.075.


A) Combined with a #440 11.6mm exhaust cam, it makes all the power available from any Alfa engine.

B) Combined with our #420 11.1mm as exhaust cam, it retains more bottom end power with minimal sacrifice on top end.

CAUTION: This #435 is not a bolt-in cam. It interferes with cam follower bores and requires machining for clearance.

All new and reground cams should be installed with new followers. There is risk of damage with old followers. We can only guarantee satisfaction with Spruell Motorsport followers.


  • Our race cams have super durable lobes that are first hardwelded before precision regrinding.
  • To minimize lobe interference with follower bores with high lift performance cams, the base circle is undercut to 1.030.”
    We strongly recommend upgrading to VSS12-1 springs for 13mm lift cams.


Some cam profiles will not fit our performance cam billets. Race cams must be hard welded and reground. Sorry, but we are no longer able to fill these customer camshaft orders without exchange cams in hand.

We can only guarantee our cams when installed with new set of Spruell Motorsport followers.

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