Camshaft FAST ROAD/TRACK DAY 11.0mm Lift High Performance

Camshaft FAST ROAD/TRACK DAY 11.0mm Lift High Performance


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Camshaft FAST ROAD/TRACK DAY 11.0mm Lift High Performance


SKU: SA424 Category: Tag:


All of our street/performance cams are daily driver friendly with gentle opening ramps for good idle and transition with no lag or flat spots. Our custom designs have progressively more top end. (82-89 USA SPIDERS WITH BOSCH EFI MUST DO WITHOUT VVT FEATURE.)


Street High Performance upgrade for all Weber cars (’82-’89 USA SPIDERS WITH BOSCH EFI MUST DO WITHOUT VVT.). Our #424 11mm cams are similar to the factory AUTODELTA 11mm 1750/2000 performance profile with the modified opening profile for good low-end torque and idle. Midrange and top-end are superb with no flat spot. Duration 254 degrees @ .050″ lift. Base circle diameter 1.030,” Standard 1.075.

THERE ARE TWO SETUP COMBINATIONS: Mid-range will be about the same with both setups.

BASIC SETUP: A pair of these SA424 cams. as intake and exhaust, will be aggressive enough to be strong up to 7500 RPM, with great top end for track events and still be docile enough for street. Our street performance 2.0 10.5:1 COMPRESSION test engine made 171 HP with very good low end torque and idle.

ULTIMATE STREET SETUPS: Enhance top end for those track days by using this SA424. as exhaust with #445 intake. Sorry, no dyno test results for increase.

PORTING: Cleaning up the bowls from valve seats to back guides is quite sufficient for street performance cams without enlarging the runners. Full porting is marginally appropriate for street unless you plan to do track days. Enlarging the ports enhances gain from midrange up and pays handsomely above 7000 rpm.

VALVES: Enlarging the window into the chambers with our 1mm oversize valves is equally valuable and lets cams have full effect for both street performance and race.

HEADERS: Cam and porting do make a big difference on their own, but these enhancements will only reach their full potential with our Spruell Motorsport free flow headers.


  • Bolt-in with no clearance issues with any piston.
  • To minimize lobe interference with follower bores with high lift performance cams, the base circle is undercut to 1.030.”

All new cams should be installed with new followers. There is risk of damage with old followers. We can only guarantee our cams when installed with new set of Spruell Motorsport followers.

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