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We ship Alfa Romeo race engines and parts all over the world. Our online store is now exclusively providing Alfa engine parts for racers and performance street tuners. We also offer a selection of Alfa gearbox parts. Place your orders on line for:

• ENGINE OVERHAUL KITS:  Featuring JE Pistons, Total Seal Piston Rings, Carrillo Rods, Reinze Gaskets, etc for 750, 101, 105, 115, and 116 series cars.
• FLYWHEEL/CLUTCH KITS:  Featuring Tilton and Sachs clutch with super light aluminum flywheel selection.


Success and pleasure is assured because our parts are tested and proven in the heat of competition.

“Paul, I ran my 2.0 engine now for 5 years at 7500rpm plus on every shift with no broken pieces ..nothing! It has all of your stuff including oil pump screen and mods you suggested. Your valves, (Carrillo) rods, (JE) pistons, the works. I have just taken it all apart and it is still perfect. Every single component is still usable. If Spruell Motorsport stopped making race engine parts, I would have to stop racing! Thanks Paul.”
~TT  (SA)

“I’ve been racing a 105 series GTV for the last ten years or so. I’ve brought most of the various engine bits from you over the past, 12.5: JE pistons, Carillo rods, etc. Over that time, it’s been gradually developed and is now a competitive machine. It’s engine is regarded as one of the best in NZ – not just for the power it makes, but also because of it reliability.”
~GW (NZ)
“Paul, I am working on my rebuild and admiring the quality of the parts in your overhaul kit.  The J&E pistons are absolutely beautiful and I’d like to share the specs were spot on.  I couldn’t measure any variation between them and they fit the liners perfectly to spec.  The liners were very true with .0003 being the largest variation I could find.  So happy for this. “


In 1964, Paul started building his first Alfa racer, designing his own parts and capturing the first of four SCCA National Championships at Daytona in 1969.  His Autoveloce Alfa repair business graduated to an Alfa Franchise in 1980.

Winning races in the Yellow #3 Spider promoted sales and helped Paul Spruell Alfa become North America’s all time largest selling Alfa Romeo dealer in the 13 years prior to Alfa’s departure from the USA market in 1994.   Ultimately, the race shop evolved into Spruell Motorsport Alfa – providing performance parts and selling online to the worldwide Alfa market.

Fifty plus years and counting, Paul is still building engines and developing products, and continues the racing tradition at selected SCCA and Historic vintage events.

Learn more about Paul and Alfa history from this interview on “Barn Find Hunter”.


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